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EMaS – Research Centre into Materials Engineering and Micro/Nanosystems

EMaS (Research Centre on Materials Engineering and Micro/Nanosystems) is active in the area of the science and engineering of new materials and their nanostructuring so that they can be used in the design and development of micro- and nanosystems.

  • It embraces the disciplines of physics, chemistry and engineering and aims to produce innovative new materials or improve the physical and technological performance of existing materials by modifying their properties using micro- and nanomechanisms.
  • By working on materials and producing nanometric structures or morphologies (1,000 nanometres equal 1 micron and 1,000 microns are 1 millimetre), the properties of these materials can be modified and their performance improved. This is the aim of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • The six research groups that make up the structure of the EmaS are: Heterogeneous Catalysis (CATHETER), Experimentation, Computation and Modelling in Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence (ECoMMFIT), Physics and Crystallography of Materials (FiCMA), Physics and Crystallography of Nanomaterials (FiCNA), Microsystems and Nanotechnologies for Chemical Analysis (MiNoS) and Nanoelectronics and Photonic Systems (NePhoS). These six groups cover such scientific and technological areas as new materials and nanomaterials, catalysis, optics, photonics and micro- and nanometric solid-state mechanisms and sensors, which can be used in the fields of sustainable chemistry, the environment, health, energy and communications.
  • Director: Dr. Francesc Díaz
  • Campus Sescelades
  • Tfn. 977 558 444 Fax. 977 559 563