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Service Learning in the Master's Degree in Tourism Destination Management

Master’s thesis: Territorial planning proposal for the City of Rest and Holidays of Tarragona

  • Coordination: Antonio Russo (antonio.russo(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organizations: Plataforma Salvem la Platja Llarga i el Bosc de la Marquesa, GEPEC - Ecologistas de Catalunya, Espai Jove Kesse, Associació Mediambiental La Sínia.
  • Summary: This master's thesis, undertaken during the academic year 2019/2020, focused on the project to convert the City of Rest and Holidays of Tarragona, into a youth hostel of the Catalan Government. The objective of the research was to try to reach a consensus with local entities, other social entities in the region, the Tarragona City Council and the Catalan Tourism Agency to revitalize tourism so that it is more socially inclusive and of greater interest for the local area and for the city in general.