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Service Learning in the Bachelor's Degree in Catalan Language and Literature

Final Bachelor’s Degree Project: Study on the uses of the Catalan language at school

  • Coordination: Jordi Ginebra Serrabou (jordi.ginebra(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Community organization: Els Àngels School
  • Summary: After the management and teaching staff of the school had detected a decrease in the oral use of Catalan by students (both native and newcomers), in the academic year 2017-18 they requested an analysis of the uses of Catalan at school, and in particular possible situations of linguistic stigma and prestige associated with speech. The problem posed by the school was resolved through a sociolinguistic analysis, which used methods from the sociology of language and linguistic ethnography (participatory observation, surveys, non-structural interviews, etc.) to investigate the factors that influence the use and representations of Catalan at school. This analysis generated a set of language policy proposals that have been made available to the management of the school for future implementation.