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Service Learning in the Degree in Science of Physical Activity and Sport (EUSES)

Health prescription for physical exercise

  • Coordination: Maria Reyes Beltran Valls (reyes.beltran(ELIMINAR)@euseste.es)
  • Community organization: Siel Bleu Catalunya Foundation.
  • Summary: The Siel Bleu Catalunya Foundation has been given the responsibility to implement the activities of the Amposta town hall, which has created a series of healthy trails for senior citizens. The initial aim of this initiative, which has been running for several years, was to encourage the elderly to increase their physical activity. However, the age limit was reduced to 55 years after it was observed that there was a large sedentary population. Students involved in this project collaborate with the responsible member of staff by making observations and analyses and assisting in the activities, which are conducted as a component of the programmes of the Siel Bleu Foundation. Students suggest ways in which the activities can be improved and evaluate the performance of the participants as an indication of their overall health and quality of life.