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Procedure after finishing online registration

Implementation course 2020-21

When you finish the online registration process, you should:

Print the receipt

You must print the registration receipt, which:

If you cannot print from you have enrolment, you can do it in the Computer room (whitin five calendar days). After five days, you can access the receipt at "Els meus rebuts".

Check the registration data

The receipt contains information about the subjects and groups you have registered for. Check it carefully and make sure there are no mistakes.

The receipt also shows the amount that has to be paid and the current account number that will be directly debited.

If you want to make any changes to the registration, you can do so by accessing Registration changes.

Personal details

If you have changed your address, you can modify the details when you register. To check the current details, see Personal details.

Keeping your personal details up to date is important because the URV contacts students at the address on the computer system.


The URV gives all registered students the following material:
- A folder
- A diary

Each faculty or school will ensure that students are provided with this material.

Written proof of exemption of registration fees

If you did not state that you had the right to be exempt from fees when you registered but you can prove your right to this exemption at a later date, go to the secretariat of your faculty or school before the deadline established by the Academic Regulations Governing Bachelor's Degrees and Master's Degrees.

Types of exemptions:

- Large family, victims of terrorism, victims of gender violence in the context of a couple, disability of at least 33%.