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Service Learning Developed Projects at the URV

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School of Architecture

Degree in Architecture

School of Engineering

Degree in Computer Engineering

Degree in Electric Engineering

Degree in Telematic Engineering

School of Chemical Engineering

Degree in Chemical Engineering

Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Master Degree in Tecnology and Engineering Management

School of Health and Sport (EUSES Center)

Degree in Science of the Physical Activity and Sport 

Degree in Physiotherapy

Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology

Double Degree of Infant and Primary Education

Degree in Infant Education

Degree in Primary Education

Degree in Social Education

Degree in Pedagogy

Degree in Psychology

International Master's Degree in Education and Psychomotor Therapy

Master's Degree in Teacher Training

Master's Degree in Educational Technology: E-Learning and Knowledge Management

Faculty of Legal Sciences

Degree in Labor Relations and Employment

Degree in Law

Degree in Social Work

Double Titulation in Law and Labor Relations and Employment

University Master's Degree in Environmental Law

Master's Degree in Business and Contractual Law

Faculty of Economics and Business

Degree in Business Administration

Degree in Economics

Degree in Finance and Accounting

Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Faculty of Nursing

Degree in Nursing

Faculty of Arts

Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

Degree in Audiovisual Communication

Degree of Language and Catalan Literature

Degree in the History of Art

Degree in Journalism

Master’s Dregree in Strategic Communication in the Risk Society

Master's Degree in Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Degree in Physiotherapy

Faculty of Chemistry

Degree in Chemistry

Faculty of Tourism and Geography

Degree in Geography and Territorial Organization

Degree in Tourism

Master's Degree in Territorial Planning: Information, Tools and Methods

Interuniversitary Master’s Degree: Analysis and Management: Planning, Governance, and Territorial Leadership