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Master's Degree in Electric Vehicle Technologies - 7th edition

Master's Degree in Electric Vehicle Technologies


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Soledad Torreblanca

Project Engineer. IDIADA.

“I think this master’s degree gives you the training to work in the world of the automotive industry, because currently projects focus on the development of autonomous and electric vehicles”
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Ricard Joanpere

Testing Engineer. IDIADA.

“I am currently doing tests to validate the different batteries for the electric vehicles that will be launched on the market. The knowledge gained from the master’s degree has been very helpful to rise to the challenges I have to deal with in my day-to-day work.”
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Fredy Laqui

EV Trainer Engineer. IDIADA.

“The URV has high-level laboratories, which is very important for an engineer because it allows us to put all our theoretical knowledge into practice. And, in addition, living in Tarragona is a very gratifying experience for me. Although it is a very small city, it is very lively and it is a very pleasant place to live. There are also many industries in the automotive sector near Tarragona.”