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Master's degrees > University Master's Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

University Master's Degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence - 9th edition


The Master's degree in Computer Security Engineering and Artificial Intelligence is designed for graduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and related fields.

Students wishing to study the master's degree should possess the following personal and academic qualities:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering or related engineering.
  • Knowledge of Engineering Programming and Mathematics.
  • Personal maturity and skills deriving from their previous university training e.g. work planning, knowledge of information research tools, oral and written communications skills, English, the ability to work in a team or autonomously. These skills will be strengthened and improved further by the master's degree.

Specific documentation required

As well as the compulsory general documentation required for pre-enrolment on the programme, you must also submit a level English equivalent to at least B1, given that the master's degree is taught entirely in English. If your mother tongue in your country of origin is English or your education was in English, do not need to provide official certificates to accredit their knowledge of the language.

Selection criteria

  1. The average grade of the academic transcript of the official university qualification that provides access to the Master's degree: Up to 10 points.
  2. If another official university qualification in Computer Science or related ambits is presented in addition to the one that allows access to the Master's degree (technical engineering or diploma, engineering, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, postgraduate degree or doctoral degree): Up to 2 points.
  3. Official English qualifications: First Certificate or equivalent, or certificates of a higher level. Up to 1 point.

Applications will be prioritized from higher to lower in terms of the number of points they have obtained (the number of points is the total obtained from sections 1, 2 and 3). However, if there are not enough students to fill all the places available, the admissions body may admit you without prioritizing in terms of your merits.

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