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Other economic items 2022-23

Item Description Fees
Other services URV solidària: It is a voluntary contribution and can be effective at the time of registration 6,00€
Management of academic transcript Fee for management of academic trascript per registration yearly 69,80€
Modifications and extension registration The student can apply to the centre, in the establishd period, make several changes to its inicial tuition. Also will be able to ask to enroll later. 27,27€
Issuance of documents fees Issuance of academic certificates 27,27€
Study of academic career of graduates for admission to a doctoral programme without approved qualification. 218,15€
Study of equivalence of foreign qualifications for admission to a master's degree or doctoral programme. 218,15€
Issuance of qualifications fees University degree certificate with Diploma Supplement and duplicate 218,15€
Diploma of advanced studies of doctoral programme (research aptitude) 78,55€
Issuance of authentic copies of official certificates and electronic certificates 30,00€