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URV Volunteers

The creation of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili's Office of Social Engagement gives particular stress to social impact, cooperation and volunteering.

Through volunteering, the University aims to impact the development of general competencies for the whole of the university community (students, administrative staff, teaching and research staff, and retired members of Iubilo) by organising activities and initiatives that lead to all-round development and help form socially active and responsible citizens. In so doing, the University acts as an institution that is committed both ethically and socially to the region and makes a contribution to solidarity, equity and overall justice.

For all these reasons, URV Volunteers works hand in hand with an extensive network of associations and organisations that respond to the social needs of our region. On the basis of these needs, they create volunteer profiles, which we offer to the university community.

We also provide specialised training in volunteering and social action.

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