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What is the ERASMUS +  traineeship programme?

This mobility programme allow students to do a traineeship period in an institution situated in a foreign European country: 

  • Receiving academic recognition: in the case of curricular traineeships, the corresponding ECTS credits will be recognised in your academic record. In the case of extracurricular traineeships, it will be reflected in the European Diploma Supplement (SET). Students who have recently graduated can also carry out traineeships.
  • The duration of the mobility can be from 2 to 12 months.
  • There is no need for an inter-institutional agreement between the URV and the host institution.
  • Economic grants are received so as to help with the expenses of the mobility, and they are compatible with national grants.
  • There is the possibility that students must search a suitable company on their own when there are no closed place offers. More infromation about traineeship offers.
  • The mobility coordinator must approve both the company and the traineeship content, which must be related to your studies.