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Quality strategy

Quality policy

From the outset, the URV has made a clear and firm commitment to quality and continuous improvement, as the backbone of its strategy, and as a distinguishing feature and common characteristic of its activities. The aim of the URV is to achieve a high level of quality in the areas of study and teaching, research and university extension, management and assistance to members of the university community.

This general objective can be summed up in four basic points around which the URV's quality policy is structured:

  • Satisfying the educational demand. Providing a teaching offer adjusted to the needs and expectations of society, flexible enough to respond to changes, and at the same time, solid enough to cover our potential for transmitting knowledge.
  • Enjoying recognized teaching quality. Obtaining recognition for the quality of the teaching given at the URV through the satisfaction of students, graduates and employers, and ensuring that this quality is also accredited and recognised by third parties in terms of European standardisation.
  • Achieving contrasted scientific quality. Achieving excellent levels of scientific quality and productivity (R&D&I), which can contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and regional development in all areas. In addition, competing at an international level, particularly in priority research areas.
  • Achieving an effective and efficient organisation. Continuously directing the University management and administration towards the objectives of teaching and research.