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Quality strategy

Strategic planning

The URV's governing team periodically sets itself goals that make it possible to fulfil the University's reason of being. These objectives are developed in the URV's various strategic plans, which describe the actions that are to be carried out, state who is responsible for carrying them out and establishes deadlines for completion. They also list the indicators used to assess the level of achievement and thus to provide the corresponding accountability. Strategic planning has also led to the development of specific action plans, such as master plans or programme contracts with teaching centres, departments, research centres and recognised research groups.

This dynamic aims to generate a shared vision of the objectives as the first step towards achieving them. It also consolidates a culture of quality and drives the dynamic of continuous improvement throughout the institution.

Each of these systems or instruments undergoes or has undergone its own cycle of monitoring, review, improvement and results accountability before the competent governing and representative organisations and stakeholders.