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Quality in management

In the area of management and services, the URV is committed to establishing quality assurance mechanisms that can be applied to the different services and administrative units, thus ensuring the desired quality standards. The approach to quality management is based on introducing a culture of quality to as many structures as possible with the aim of creating an effective and efficient organisation that is based on the common criteria and values that we want to have as a university.

Among the different mechanisms established in order to ensure quality, the URV is working on process documentation, the creation of Service Charters and the ISO 9001 certification of several quality management systems.

Service Charters are the documents that allow the different units of the University to provide public information on the services they offer to their users. They also outline the quality commitments associated with the provision of services.

These Charters have been created following the guidelines of the ISO 93200 standard for the elaboration of service letters and are intended to promote the continuous improvement of quality and to explicitly state the managers' responsibility regarding user satisfaction levels.