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The URV in figures

Here we provide you with the institutional and positioning indicators that give a quick and exhaustive vision of the URV’s evolution and current situation. The information is divided into four separate sections: courses, students, research and innovation, and University resources. These sections have been grouped in two large blocks: one contains the information on courses and students, separating the undergraduate from the postgraduate studies, while the other describes research, transfer and scientific production, and the resources that the URV devotes to these activities.

Places offered 3.240
Degrees 59
First option demands 4.833
Official master programmes 57
Doctoral programmes 26
Figures for the academic course 2022-23    •    Source: Rector’s Bureau
Graduate courses
New students 3.370
Students per knowledge area (n. & %)
• Art and Humanities 1.011 8%
Sciences 915 7%
• Health Sciences 2.713 22%
Social and Legal Sciencies 5.296 43%
• Engineering and Architecture 2.413 20%
Total students enrolled 12.348 100%
URV students in mobility programmes* 479
Students in study period at the URV* 326
Success rate (n. of credits passed / n. of credits registered)* 80,9%
Graduates* 1.974
Postgraduate courses
Postgraduate students 3.279
Foreign postgraduate students (%) 36%
Official master students 2.132
Masters graduates* 932
Students registred in PhD programmes** 1.147
Thesis defended* 184
Students in continuous training* 3.448
Figures for the academic course 2022-23   *Academic course 2021-22    ** Provisional figures     •  Source: Rector’s Bureau
Research & Transfer of knowledge
Competitive financial support obtained (million euros) 25,0
Non competitive financial support obtained (million euros) 11,4
Research institutes and centres  
Scientific production and productivity
Web of Science /SCOPUS publications 1.882
Excellence areas ESI 12
Figures for the year 2021    •    Source: Rector’s Bureau
Human Resources
Academic Staff (FTE) 1.196,6
Administration staff and services 718
Economic resources
Annual budget (million euros)* 116,8
Materials resources
Total build up area (m2) 158.025
Figures for the year 2021      *Figures for the year 2022    •    Source: Rector’s Bureau