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Lluís Delclòs i Soler

Date of investiture:
10 October 1995
Lluís Masana
Area of knowledge:

The radiologist Lluís Delclòs i Soler (1926-2016) has had a great professional career in hospitals and centres in the United States. Since March 1960 he has been a member of the MD Anderson Hospital and Tumour Institute (nowadays the MD Anderson Cancer Center).

He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Rovira i Virgili University on 10 November 1995. The lecturer Lluís Masana was his sponsor and spoke of the great work Delclòs has done in the field of Medicine. The sponsor praised his work in the clinical development and application of radiotherapy, which has enabled many lives to be saved.

In his speech, Delclós reviewed the history of radiology and the advances made in this field around the world since the Curie husband and wife partnership at the end of the 19th century.