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Inter-university Master's Degree in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art

Places available
Language of instruction
Catalan and Spanish

Afternoons from Monday to Friday


Optional. Check the list of mobility agreements.

Official record of titles (RUCT)
Academic coordinator
Dra. Palmira Tamarit
Faculty of Arts (URV)
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Student Office
(+34) 977 77 99 44

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Esmuc
  • UB

The Inter-university Master's Degree in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art provides a systematic academic approach to the interrelation of music and other arts. The curriculum fosters contact with the country's music institutions, specialised archives and research centres. Also, through masterclasses and internships, it brings students closer to companies that promote the many professions involved in the music and theatre business, media and music journalism. This master prepares students for future doctoral theses and promotes and encourages creative confluence using a multidisciplinary approach and unique subjects. It also offers real spaces where students can share their experiences as musicians, with the multicultural reality which has always been the hallmark of the master's degree.

Objectives of the master’s degree:

  1. To enable graduates in the Humanities, Social Sciences and other related disciplines to work in theoretical and practical fields relating to music.
  2. To develop specific knowledge in all areas of music, musical thought, audiovisual media and management.
  3. To provide humanities and social sciences students with professional or research training in the musical interdisciplinarity, the relationship between music, literature, visual arts, audiovisual arts and dance and how this is projected in the various fields of contemporary artistic culture.
  4. To study the process of reflection as a thought process deriving from sensitivity, the sociology of music, the anthropology of music and the psychology of music.
  5. To analyse the processes that enable music to permeate the media, the music specifically created for these media, the nature of journalism and music criticism and their relevance to society.
  6. To promote specific research into music, both in interdisciplinary fields of thought and in cultural practice.

Find out more information from Universitat de Barcelona, the coordinating university.


 En el canal Youtube del máster interuniversitario en Música como Arte Interdisciplinaria podrás ver más vídeos de los trabajos realizados por el alumnado.

 Visit the Youtube channel of the master’s degree in Music as an Interdisciplinary Art to watch more performances of the master’s students.

Career opportunities

  • Research into music culture.
  • Management positions in the music industry, concert halls, theatres, and other cultural spaces.
  • Music criticism, music promotion and the study and preservation of musical heritage.
  • Music editing.
  • Music archives and the organisation of multidisciplinary arts events.

External practices

Optional subject (5 ECTS or 150 h).

Participating universities

  • Universitat de Barcelona (coordinating university)
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC)