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Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

The main aim of the degree in Electrical Engineering is to train students to become professionals with the competency to write, sign and develop industrial engineering projects for building, reforming, maintaining or repairing electrical, energy or industrial installations. Graduates will earn the qualifications they need to become industrial technical engineers.

You will have the opportunity to work on electrical energy projects related to generation from renewable sources, long-distance transport via high-voltage lines, distribution to industrial or domestic locations, and transformation to other forms of energy. You will also acquire the knowledge needed to minimise the environmental impact of electrical installations and use environmental technologies in the production of electrical energy.

The subjects are very practical and approximately 40% of the hours are work in laboratories in small groups.

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Catalan, Spanish and English


Interested students should have a background in science and technology that includes mathematics and physics as compulsory subjects. Studies in industrial technology, technical drawing or electrotechnology as compulsory or optional subjects are also recommended. Students who have completed the advanced vocational training programme (CFGS) should have taken the range of courses in Electricity and Electronics. We give students the chance to participate in a refresher mathematics course before the start of their first academic year. Students should also possess a good level of oral and written communication in Catalan and Spanish, have a basic knowledge of English, and be able to use tools for accessing and processing information.

  • The first year of studies is the same for all Engineering students. In this way you will receive solid basic training and be more able to change your specialisation in the second year.
  • The courses are highly practical and approximately 40% of contact hours are taken in small groups in the laboratories.
  • A student-teacher ratio of 8:1 assures quality personalised attention.

This degree will enable you to seek employment in electrical companies, multidisciplinary teams of companies in the food, automotive, chemical, mechanical, renewable energy or service sectors and public administration, or as a freelance professional. All career opportunities will be found in the field of energy management, quality control management or the design of industrial projects.