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Bachelor's Degree in English

You will master English linguistics and learn cultural and literary aspects related to the Anglophone world. You will also be able to learn other modern languages (French and German). You will be trained to be a versatile professional who is able to adapt to various and complex linguistic and cultural situations. These skills will be very useful to those working places where English is essential and used daily.

75% of the compulsory specific subjects centre on developing the graduates' practical and theoretical knowledge of English.

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English, Catalan, Spanish, French and German

2018 admission grade 5,97
Agreement by the Council of Ministers 12 November 2010
Publication of curriculum in the BOE 25 October 2011

Suggested admission profile

To study this bachelor's degree, you need to have an interest and ability in languages and literature, specifically English language, literature and culture. We therefore recommend that you have at least level B1 in English in order to take full advantage of this bachelor's degree.

Why should you study English at the URV?

Compared with similar degrees of other universities, the Bachelor’s Degree in English at the URV focuses much more on the students' training in linguistics. In fact, 75% of the compulsory specific subjects centre on developing the graduates' practical and theoretical knowledge of English, which will enable them to respond properly to the needs of society, businesses and educational centres. At the same time, this bachelor's also covers the literature and culture of the English-speaking countries, which broadens the education received by students who choose these specific optional subjects


A minor is a specialization within a Bachelor's degree that you can obtain by passing a group of optional subjects:

  • English Linguistics: you will receive a thorough grounding in English linguistics and you will also be introduced to applied linguistics of both English and foreign languages.
  • English Translation: you will study in depth the fundamental features of direct and inverse translation and new technologies applied to translation.
  • English Literature and Culture: you will develop a general and current understanding of some of the most important English cultural and literary phenomena.
  • German: You will gain a basic good knowledge of the German language and the literature and culture of German-speaking countries.

Career opportunities

Graduates in English can work in the following fields:

  • Teaching English at all levels
  • Editorial work such as editing and correcting texts
  • Translation
  • Language guidance
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Management positions in multinational companies where a high level of English is required

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