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Bringing forward the exam session/one of the exam sessions for the External Academic Internship subject to December/January (when the curriculum states that it is a second-semester or annual subject).

  • DESCRIPTION: This is the process that the student follows when they apply to be evaluated and are given a grade for the External Academic Internship subject during the December/January.

Implementation course: 2024-25

Application procedure:


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


Via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet or the URV online registry.

Please check the general considerations for submitting applications and documentation.


From the day of registration until 30 November.


By presenting the following documentation:

Cost None


Resolution of the application


Head of the secretariat


Wherever possible, when the application is made. At most 5 working days after the period has expired.


  • If the request is accepted, the student's transcript will be updated to include the change of exam session.
    They will be visible on the transcript, which means that it is not necessary to send a separate explicit notification to the individual (the transcript can be consulted on the intranet).
  • If the application is rejected, the individual concerned will be notified.




Students who do not pass the subject during the December/January exam session can be evaluated in the second exam session, provided that the subject has not been excluded from this by Article 3 of the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Academic Regulations: Students registered at the URV follow the ECTS system and have the right to two examination sessions. However, in the following cases, students have the right to only one examination session:

  • Subjects that are highly practical in nature or others that may be stipulated by the Faculty/School. This condition must be made explicit to students in the course guide for the subject.
  • Subjects studied during a mobility visit (outgoing students).
  • Subjects on the Bachelor's degree in Anthropology and Human Evolution.
  • Subjects on the University Master degree in Computational Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Subjects on the University Master degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Subjects on the university Master degree in Artificial Intelligence

Students must specify on their applications which of the exam sessions they want to bring forward.

If the student does not pass the External Academic Internship subject during the advanced exam session and the subject allows the student to attend two exam sessions, the student may ask, at the discretion of the faculty/school and before 20 May, for the second exam session (September) to be moved forward to June (application form).

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