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DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development - 2013 DOW Course

On Thursday March 14, was made 2013 DOW Course in Dow Chemical Ibérica facilities in Tarragona, aimed at students of the School of Chemical Engineering (ETSEQ) and was attended by the DOW/URV Chair of Sustainable Development.

After institutional presentation by members of DOW, Dr. Oscar Saladié director of DOW / URV Chair of Sustainable Development gave a brief presentation and exposed the objectives and the activities undertaken by the Chair, to later give a conference on the need for make more sustainable our development. The audience could see the elements that make up the delicate balance of the natural environment, poorly planned occupation of the territory in recent decades and consumption patterns of Western society. In addition, students are encouraged to think about the economy and efficiency of our daily consumption.

Then the conference attendees participated in a workshop on ethical finance, through Ethica game designed by Barcelonya, cooperative of training and communication for sustainability. Participants were able to reflect on the characteristics of global finance, what becomes of your money when you deposit in a bank and what the consequences can have some investments for the planet and people. This is a very participatory activity by attendees and where debate is encouraged, through a playful and schematic representation of reality. Therefore is a good resource for integrating ethical finance in educational programs.

In the pictures you can see some moments of the conference and workshop on ethical finance. See the news of the event here.