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Cuesta Romeo, Ildefonso

Cuesta Romeo, Ildefonso 

Dr. Ildefonso Cuesta is Associate Professor in the Area of Fluid Mechanics and he belongs to the research group ECoMMFiT of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University Rovira I Virgili. His research is related to the study of fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, modelling of the dispersion of contaminants and numerical methods. During his PhD thesis, Dr. Cuesta developed his own numerical wind tunnel, named 3DINAMICS. It was a CFD code for turbulent flows and heat and mass transfer simulation. Since then, the code has been used in basic and applied research. The code was also used for electronic/automotive industry, in the progressive development of ESTIMA, another custom-made code designed for Lear Co., for the simulation of the thermal and electric behaviour of printed circuit boards and its components. The main environmental applications of the code are related to the environmental impact assessment of oil spills, for which a specific CFD code named SIMOIL was developed. In the last 10 years, he has been co-author of 11 articles published in indexed journals. He has co-directed 5 doctoral theses, and he is currently supervising another two.

Project: Experimental and numerical study of the layout of wind turbines for offshore wind farms

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-1



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