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Fellowship information

Research Projects

For the 2021 edition, there are 24 research projects on offer, for 20 positions.

One of the fellowships is exclusively reserved for candidates with disabilities. ONLY they can participate, and all candidates that cannot prove their disability via an official certificate will be rejected. Candidates can choose among the 5 research projects identified with the disability icon, and only the best candidate will be financed. In case no candidate meets the requirements of the programme, the position will be declared void.

A list of all research projects is given in the link at the right. Please note that you can ONLY apply to 1 research project, so choose wisely. Also, remember the code of your chosen project (2021MFP-COFUND-xx), as it will be required during the submission of your application, in the Fellowship Information section. Before applying check the desired candidate's profile included in the description of the project and the criteria for the external evaluation phase.

Positions offered

19 positions in all knowledge areas - the best candidates from each individual project win the grant

2021MFP-COFUND-1: Techno-economic and environmental assessments of existing and emerging processes and technologies

Supervisor: Laureano Jiménez Esteller
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-2: Particulate models for fluid mesoscopic simulations

Supervisors: Josep Bonet and Clara Salueña
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-3: Evaluation Of Treatments for the Removal of Microplastics In Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants

Supervisors: Sandra Contreras and Marta Schuhmacher
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-4: Interaction between protein hydrolysates and gut microbiota: prebiotic potential and promotion of postbiotics production with antihypertensive effects

Supervisor: Cristina Torres Fuentes
Area: Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-5: Development of wearable electronic devices, on low-cost flexible supports, using additive fabrication techniques

Supervisors: Alfonso José Romero and José Luis Ramírez
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-6: High Frequency FETs for gas sensing

Supervisors: Eduard Llobet and Dalal Fadil
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-7: Modelling of computational biomechanics in evolution

Supervisors: Jordi Marcé Nogué and Francisco Huera-Huarte
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-8: Particulate models for fluid mesoscopic simulations

Supervisors: Josep Bonet and Allan D. Mackie
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-9: Equality policies in universities and science

Supervisor: M. Inmaculada Pastor Gosálbez
Area: Legal and Social Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-10: Doctoral Training for Enhancing European Doctorate Holders’ Employability across Disciplines: Co-creating transversal skills with industry

Supervisors: Maria Dolores Jiménez López and Maria Ercilia García Álvarez
Area: Arts and Humanities

2021MFP-COFUND-16: Green Hydrogen Storage using Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) in Polygeneration systems serving Smart Energy Grids

Supervisors: Alberto Coronas, Joan Carles Bruno and Vanesa Gil
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-17: Synergies between machine learning and privacy

SUpervisors: Josep Domingo-Ferrer and David Sánchez
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-18: Clinical, Psychosocial And Biological Predictors of the Course of Neurodevelopment Disorders: A Prospective Study In School Population

Supervisors: Josefa Canals and Victòria Arija
Area: Health Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-19: Rapid detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibiotic resistance

Supervisor: Ciara O’Sullivan
Area: Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-20: The role of culture in Global Mental Health initiatives and public mental health in Latin America

Supervisor: Francisco Javier Ortega Guerrero
Area: Arts and Humanities

2021MFP-COFUND-21: Dialogic leadership in schools for social transformation

Supervisors: Gisela Redondo and Ariadna Munté
Area: Legal and Social Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-22: Effect of laccases on the sensoriality, quality, and healthiness of wines. Characterization of the products resulting from the activity of laccases on polyphenols and other compounds

Supervisors: Fernando Zamora and Mariona Gil
Area: Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-23: Efficient H2 production in microfluidic platforms and sensing based on optical fibers

Supervisors: Xavier Mateos and Francesc Díaz
Area: Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-24: Modeling of the interaction between epidemic spreading and social dynamics

Supervisors: Sergio Gómez and Alex Areans
Area: Sciences

1 position reserved for candidates with disabilities - the best candidate from the 5 proposed projects wins the grant

2021MFP-COFUND-11: Emerging pahtways for a more sustainable mobilities in tourism destinations in post-covid-19 context

Supervisor: Aaron Gutiérrez Palomero
Area: Legal and Social Sciences

2021MFP-COFUND-12: Multiscale simulation of self-assembling compartmentalized nanosystems for drug delivery

Supervisors: Allan D. Mackie and Josep Bonet
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-13: Design and implementation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in Southern Catalonia

Supervisor: Domènec Puig
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-14: Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries: Insights from mathematical programming and life-cycle assessment

Supervisors: Manel Vallès and Laureano Jiménez
Area: Engineering and Architecture

2021MFP-COFUND-15: Transgenerational nutrient-gene interactions and health

Supervisor: Michelle Murphy
Area: Health Sciences