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Mobility Programme among Institutions associaed to the AUIP

The Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP) opens this grant programme to promote and favour the ACADEMIC INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY among associated institutions.
It is addressed to professors and researchers, postgraduate and PhD programme managers and students of postgraduate and PhD programmes.

This programme intends to:

  • Facilitate the gathering of academics and researchers of different countries.
  • Encourage the exchange of institutional experiences in the development of postgraduate and doctoral programmes.
  • Promote the curricular revision and adjustment of the academic offer.
  • Design, project and move forward collective research projects.
  • Ease the fulfilment of academic stays which contribute to a more efficient collaboration between institutions.

In order to request this grant, you must first do the preliminary institutional contacts and agree on a work agenda with the receiving university. Together with the form, you must present to the AUIP your curriculum and the required letters which support your proposal and your work plan, both from your sending university as well as your receiving university.

For more details regarding the programme and how to participate, visit the AUIP homepage.