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Scientific and Technical Service

This service provides essential technical support to people involved in research, development and transfer activities in all the URV's scientific and technical fields. One of the objectives of this service is to facilitate access to the technical and human resources available to research groups.

Furthermore, the office works with companies and organizations to promote research and to conduct environmental inspections in both the private and institutional sectors. It also provides specialized training to enable professionals to do their work with the most up-to-date knowledge.


  • Martí Yebras Cañellas
    Head of the office
  • Campus Sescelades. 
    Av. dels Països Catalans, 26
    43007 Tarragona
  • 977 559 747
  •  Fax 977 558 261
  • Pepi Amador Merino 
    Administrative support
  • Campus Sescelades
    Av. dels Països Catalans, 26
    43007 Tarragona
  • 977 558 152
  • Fax 977 558 261