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When you register, you make a single payment corresponding to the total cost of academic tuition, fees and insurance. If you have to register for bridging subjects, these will also be included in the total cost. You can do this by:

  • Direct debit: the fees will be debited from your bank account six days after you register. You must have signed and presented the SEPA direct debit mandate to the Academic Management Service. 

  • Bank card: you can pay with either a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc). You must enter the card number, expiry date and security code.  The card must be associated to an account with sufficient funds to cover the corresponding fee. 

If you cannot pay by one of these methods, you can ask to pay in cash by sending an email to automatricula@urv.cat . In this case you will be issued a bill with a barcode which you must pay either in person at one of the banks specified on the bill or by bank transfer online. The information needed by the bank (issuer, reference number, name of payee and amount) is contained in the barcode on the bill. If you want to make this payment from abroad you will also need a document containing all of the university's bank details (account number, SWIFT code, etc.). You may request this from the Academic Management Service.


Remember, you have the obligation to make payments of registration in the corresponding deadlines.
Do not pay the receipts in the deadline
entails the situation temporary suspension.
Until outstanding amounts are not regularized, inter alia, academic assessments have no validity, and will can not be enrolled in the URV. Furthermore, in accordance with the procedure of management of non-payments reegistration agreed by university, every non-paid receipt can incorporate a surcharge on the base amount.

If you have selected this method when self-registering:

  • You will pay your first instalment when you complete the registration process. You must pay 50% of academic tuition, 100% of the administrative fees and, if necessary, the voluntary services. This will be debited from the corresponding account six days after you complete the registration process.
  • 20th December: second instalment consisting of 50% of academic tuition.

Payments can be made as follows:

  • First instalment: direct debit or card payment. To pay by card, you must enter the card number, expiry date and security code. The card must be associated to an account with sufficient funds to cover the corresponding fee.
  • Subsequent instalments: direct debit

Please note:

You must make your registration payments within the specified periods. If you do not make your registration payments within the specified periods you will be automatically suspended without notification by the URV.

This type of funding:

  • May cover up to 100% of the registration fees, provided that the minimum amount covered is 500 euros and the maximum amount is 7000 euros.
  • Does not cover any fees that may be generated by subsequent modifications to your registration.
  • May fund a minimum of six payments.
    • The last payment will be in May if paid by Banc Sabadell.
    • The last payment will be on 10 June if paid by Caixa d'Enginyers.
  • Has the following funding conditions:
  • Fixed annual interest rate of 0%.
  • An opening charge on annual registrations of 25 euros.
  • No repayment charge.

If you choose this form of funding you must select the bank that you wish to use (Banc de Sabadell or Caixa d'Enginyers) and authorise the AGAUR to pass your details onto your chosen bank. You will receive an email to your URV email account informing you of the procedures that you must follow for your registration fees to be paid in this manner.

Caixa d'Enginyers is a cooperative. If you choose Caixa d'Enginyers without being a member of the cooperative, you must make an initial new member's contribution of 9.01 euros. If you cease to be a member, you will be returned 6.01 euros. You must go in person to one of the offices of Caixa d'Enginyers in Tarragona, Barcelona, Lleida or Girona to carry out the necessary procedures.

For more information go to AGAUR