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University Master's Degree in Energy Conversion Systems and Technologies - 2nd. edition

Places available
Language of instruction

The face-to-face subjects are taught in the second semester.

Course date

From October 2020 to June 2021

Academic coordinator
Dr. Alberto Coronas Salcedo
URV Faculty
School of Chemical Engineering (URV)

Students with degrees from other countries will be charged an academic tax of €218.15 the first time they enrol only (price for course 2019-20).

Student Office
(+34) 977 77 99 44

Society today faces a range of major challenges, including global warming, climate change, the overexploitation of natural resources and conventional energy sources, population growth in developing countries, the growing demand for refrigeration for comfort and to preserve foods, the concentration of the population in urban areas, and so. These challenges require new strategies and new technologies to develop solutions that allow the continuing social and economic development of our communities around the world with new technologies that are based clean technologies rather than the burning of fossil fuels.

These challenges and the new technologies that are being developed to deal with them will require professionals expert in energy conversion systems and technologies for intelligent energy networks. Furthermore, it will not be possible to develop an efficient industry and a construction sector able to meet the challenge of applying new concepts of energy consumption to buildings without experts specialising in the latest technologies in energy efficiency and the integration of renewable energies.

The University Master's Degree in Energy Conversion Systems and Technologies provides the training needed to produce researchers and professional who can develop, design and manage energy systems that use renewable energy sources and which are highly integrated into energy networks to ensure the maximum efficiency and availability.

For this reason, the tools and knowledge acquired during this master's degree enable graduates to provide solutions to the current challenges in the ambit of energy.

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