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Inter-University Master's Degree in Cognitive Science and Language

Places available
Language of instruction
Catalan: 10 %, Spanish: 10 %, English: 80 %

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Official record of titles (RUCT)
Academic coordinator
Dra. Pilar Ferré
Faculty of Education Sciences and Psychology (URV)
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Student Office
(+34) 977 77 99 44

  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • UAB
  • UB
  • UPF
  • Universitat de Girona

Cognitive science and language is an interdisciplinary postgraduate programme (Master's and PhD) in Cognitive Science taught jointly by some of Catalonia's leading universities. It has been designed to overcome the academic barriers between the various disciplines that make up this broad field of study. The programme focuses primarily on perception and language acquisition, the syntactic and semantic processing of speech, the relation between semantics and cognition, the logical structure of language and the epistemological and conceptual foundations of its study, the computational analysis of language and the relation between the different disciplines of cognitive science.

The course offers interdisciplinary training in three specific research disciplines: psychology, linguistics and philosophy. It seeks to give students the skills to carry out an initial research project that can be subsequently extended joining the PhD program and that forms the basis of an eventual doctoral thesis.

Both the master's programme and the PhD courses, in each of the three specific research disciplines, are taught by the best academic teaching staff and researchers at the universities that participate in this joint program. Throughout the year, the postgraduate programme also welcomes leading experts from around the world as guest lecturers. Because of these features, the programme provides excellent academic training, on a par with the leading postgraduate programmes in Europe.

Career opportunities

  • Research in the cognitive sciences
  • Teaching in the cognitive sciences
  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Psycholinguistic evaluation
  • Evaluation of cognitive development and language
  • Knowledge engineering


  • Logic and Philosophy
  • Grammatical Theory and Linguistic Processing
  • Cognitive Models of Language Processing

The master's programme combines a common core of basic subjects with a selection of specialist subjects drawn exclusively from one of the three disciplines. 

Participating universities

  • Universitat de Barcelona (coordinating university)
  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili
  • Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Universitat de Girona
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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