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Master's Degree in Business Creation and Administration in a Global Environment - 2nd edition

Places available
Language of instruction
Spanish (50%) and English (50%)

Monday to Friday, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Course date

October to June

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Student Office
(+34) 977 77 99 44


The Master's Degree in Business Creation and Administration in a Global Environment trains professionals so that they understand to which extent the impact of complex global environments affects the setting up and management of local, domestic and international businesses. They will also be made aware of how the entrepreneurship ecosystem interplays with global socioeconomic and political dynamics.

People holding this master's degree will be able to set up and manage companies with a holistic approach. The degree covers the following aspects:

  • Design and deployment of business internationalisation processes.
  • Adoption of social and solidarity economy measures.
  • The circular economy.
  • Internal and external communication.
  • Deployment of artificial intelligence to enhance business processes and functioning.
  • AQU Business Creation and Administration in a Global Environment

The globalised world of constant change and growing competition needs entrepreneurs who drive innovation forward and create socially responsible and environmentally sustainable companies.

Career opportunities

The Master's Degree in Business Creation and Administration in a Globalised Environment trains students so that they become multi-skilled professionals who are able to work in any company department, regardless of its nature and sector.

These are some of the careers open to people with this master's degree:

  • Manager of local, domestic and international areas.
  • Consultant for business internationalisation processes.
  • Manager of innovation strategies in production and operational processes.
  • Consultant for entrepreneurship projects and initiatives.
  • Consultant for business transformation organisation and processes.
  • Manager of the strategy and implementation of the company's corporate social responsibility.
  • Manager of circular economy projects.
  • Consultant on issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility for companies.
  • Lecturer and researcher on issues of business creation and administration in a globalised environment.