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Master's and postgraduate courses

Stay ahead

Our aim is to provide you with the best training. With your motivation and our experience you can stay ahead in your personal and professional development and reach your goals.

How can we help you to stay ahead?

Learn in an innovative and personalised environment

We offer you personalised treatment, small groups and a close relationship with your teachers.

We use innovative and participatory learning methodologies that enable you to put into practice the knowledge you acquire in real-life work situations.

You will receive a transversal education which, as well as mastering the specific contents of the programme, will allow you to acquire other knowledge and useful skills for your professional future such as working in teams, making the most of new technologies, communicating adequately in different situations and resolving problems in a critical, creative and innovative manner.

Increase your job opportunities

The master's programmes are designed with the latest social trends of each field in mind, so that you can learn the most useful skills for your professional future.

All of our degrees give you the chance to gain work experience in companies and institutions in your chosen sector.

Through our careers guidance service we provide personalised assessment of your needs so that you can plan your professional career and learn to take advantage of all the opportunities available in your area of study and work.

Train in an international setting

We have more than 800 international agreements so that you can conduct part of your studies at universities around the world or gain first-hand experience of work in a foreign company.

Each year more than 1.700 students from around the world come to study at the URV, and 34% of all our master's and doctoral students are international.

Enjoy training of the highest quality

The quality of our courses has been accredited and meets the standards of the European Higher Education Area.

The leading international rankings place us among the best universities in the world.