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Organization of registration - Doctorate

Once students have been admitted and presented all the appropriate documents, they can go on to complete their registration

All doctoral students eligible to do so will be sent an email telling them that they can do their online registration.

Depending on the period in which they have done their pre-registration, they have one deadline or another to complete their registration.

  • 1st period → From 1st October until 19th December 2023.
  • 2nd period → From 15th January until 22nd March 2024.
  • 3rd period → After 22nd March until 14th June 2024, on demand of coordinator, if there are candidates for pre-register who have all documentation in keeping with requirements demand at registration time.

Should a student not register, they will lose the place they have been assigned.

Doctoral students who have to complete Bridging Courses must contact their campus/faculty/school secretariat to complete the registration process.

Doctoral students must register every academic year until they deposit their thesis.

All doctoral students who were registered for the previous academic year who have passed the evaluation and who are up to date with all payments will be sent an email with information about the registration procedure. If doctoral students have been exempt from paying any of the fees of the previous academic year, and this exemption is also applicable for the academic year 2023-2024 it will be incorporated automatically. If the exemption is new, the appropriate documentation must be sent to the campus/faculty/school secretariat.

Non-first year students will be registered by the University's administrative staff.

The registration period is: 

  • 15th to 29th September 2023.

For those doctoral students admitted the previous academic year in the third period of pre-registration, and with a favourable 2nd evaluation, the deadline is:

  • 16th to 27th October 2023.

Should a doctoral student not register, they will be definitively removed from the programme and their file will be closed.