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Duration of study programme: Temporary leave of absence for pregnancy or illness, parental leave or concentrated breastfeeding time allowance

  • ITEM: this is the procedure that must be followed by all those doctoral students enrolled, who have to interrupt their doctoral studies because of pregnancy or illness, parental leave and/or concentrated breastfeeding time allowance.

Application procedure


The doctoral student, once registered, or an authorised person, on presentation of identification.


Via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet.

If doctoral students cannot carry out procedures online, they can present the application in person at the URV's General Registry or at any of its auxiliary registries.


  • At any time during the academic year, as long as the doctoral student is enrolled.
  • As far as possible, no later than three months before the deadline for depositing the doctoral thesis. Doctoral students can check when this deadline is in the SAD.
  • Parental leave can be requested up to the day before the baby is one year old.


Students must present:

  • An application form addressed to the corresponding the Campus/School Secretariat for academic management.
  • For leaves of absence for illness or pregnancy: Medical certificate stating the date of the beginning of the leave of absence and the possible date of return.
  • For leaves of absence for maternity or paternity: Official document stating the date of birth of the child. The duration of leave of absence for maternity or paternity is 16 weeks, and it may be taken any time during the first year after the birth of the child.
  • In the concentrated breastfeeding time allowance (compactació de lactància): Resolution issued by the company where the duration of the leave is stated. The duration can be added to the parental leave.




  • During the period that the students are in this situation:
    • They must register. If they do not do so for two consecutive academic years, they will be permanently suspended from the doctoral programme.
    • The initial deadline is extended in line with the duration of the maternity/paternity leave to allow the student more time to deposit the doctoral thesis.
    • During the leave of absence, the student may continue to be assessed, and the assessment criteria may be made more flexible depending on the situation. If, despite the flexibility, the student is unable to sit the assessment, they will be marked as "Absent due to temporary leave". If a new student is given a grade of "Absent due to temporary leave" in the second exam session, they will have to apply to annul their registration and pre-register again.


Resolution of the application


The corresponding Campus/School Secretariat for academic management


In a maximum of 5 days.


The Campus/School Secretariat shall update the student's file and forward the corresponding resolution by electronic notification to the interested party. Send a copy of this resolution to the Doctoral School and to the Secretary’s office of the corresponding department.


Doctoral students must maintain their administrative relationship with the URV by registering annually up until the moment when they deposit and defend their doctoral thesis.