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Double Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and Biotechnology

The aim of the double degree in Computer Engineering and Biotechnology is to train professionals who are able to analyse, design and implement computer solutions to problems posed by biotechnological processes.

Students on this degree will learn how to use the conceptual, manual and technical tools needed to develop new industrial processes (or improve existing ones) that use living beings or compounds obtained from them. You will also learn to analyse complex data (e.g. genomic and proteomic information, etc.) by using advanced programming tools.

Bioinformatics applies IT and information technologies to data processing in the field of biology.

Available places 10

Catalan, Spanish and English

We are looking for students with an aptitude for mathematics, chemistry, biology and technology. Students should also be willing to learn and to work to become highly qualified professionals in the field of bioinformatics, an exciting interdisciplinary field with a promising future.

This is the only degree in Spain that enables you to combine two of the most promising degrees with the greatest capacity for change in society. It also opens the door to the promising field of bioinformatics. As this is a double degree you will have a great advantage because on graduating you will have acquired multiple skills, much knowledge and numerous personal tools in information technology and biotechnology that will enable you to develop a successful career with a wide range of options.

  • Specialisation in Software Engineering. You will learn to identify and analyse problems and to design, implement, verify and document software solutions.
  • Specialisation in Computing You will strengthen your ability to formalise and represent human knowledge in a computable way to solve problems using a computer system.
  • Specialisation in Computer Engineering. You will learn how to develop applications that take into account the hardware on which they will run, taking advantage of the resources available on the platform in order to get optimal performance.

The main career resulting from this degree is in bioinformatics. However, since this is a double degree, you will also be qualified to pursue any career that is suitable for graduates of the degree in Computer Engineering and the degree in Biotechnology.

  • Degree in Computer Engineering


  • Degree in Biotechnology