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Resuming course

  • ITEM: Process which allows students who have interrupted their courses at the URV for one or more academic years to apply to resume their studies.

Implementation course: 2024-25


Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


Via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet or the URV online registry.

Please check the general considerations for submitting applications


Period: 2 May to 20 September.


By presenting the following documentation:


Application for this procedure has no cost (see, if necessary, the resolution fees) except for when students have to change to a new curriculum, in which case they must pay the fee charged by the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School and established by the decree on public prices.


  • If the curriculum has been modified during the period of interruption, students must change to the new curriculum if their previous course has been discontinued.

  • Students must register during the established registration period.

  • In all cases, the regulations governing continuing attendance must be complied with.

  • The maximum permitted number of students on the course must be taken into account.



Resolution of the application


The dean or head of the faculty/school.


At most, five days after presenting the application and the necessary documentation.
* August is not considered to be a working month.


The student will be informed of the resolution and, if appropriate, their academic transcript will be updated.


Students must pay the fee generated by the formalization of their course registration.


When the students are informed of the resolution, they will also be told the date on which they must register.

Students admitted via this route must register in September.

If there are any differences between translations, the Catalan version prevails.