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Issuance of a duplicate copy

  • ITEM: Procedure which allows students who have paid the fees for and obtained their official degree certificates to request another copy of the same certificate.

Implementation course: 2020-21

Application procedure


The interested party or the authorized person on presentation of the necessary identification.


Via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet.


The process starts when the student applies for a duplicate copy of his/her degree certificate.


By presenting the following documentation:

1. Duplicate copies issued due to personal reasons:

a) Modification of the application details (name, surname, nationality, etc.):

- Present the official document showing the modification that has to be made.

- Return the original certificate, if it has already been collected.

- Pay the issuance fee again.

b) Due to loss of the original:

- Present proof of the publication of the loss in the BOE (Official Gazette of the Spanish State). The student is responsible for the cost of the publication. The Secretary's Office of the faculty/school must support students in carrying out this procedure (consult the instructions).

- Pay the issuance fees again if they have not recovered the certificate during the thirty days after the publication.

c) Due to destruction of or wear and tear on the original certificate:

- Return the damaged certificate or provide evidence regarding the reason for the certificate's destruction.

- Pay the issuance fee again.

2. Duplicate copies issued for reasons that are no fault of the student:

Incorrect information:

- Written proof of the error.


  • Students must pay the issuance fees again if they request the issuance of a duplicate copy of their degree certificates due to personal reasons.
  • There is no cost if the duplicate copy of the degree certificate is being reissued due to incorrect information or the awarding of a special prize.


Students who are unable to make the application online may present the application at the auxiliary registry corresponding to the Campus Secretariat/Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where the student is studying/has studied (if students are entitled to any exemption, they must also present the necessary documentation that demonstrates this entitlement, e.g. large family certificate, etc.).


Resolution of the application


Head of the Secretary's Office.


As soon as the student has been informed that the certificate can be collected.


To collect the certificate, students must present themselves in person with the receipt that shows that they have paid for it.


  • If the family member cannot present themselves in person, they may give power of attorney to another person who will collect the certificate on their behalf. This person must present a photocopy of the student's identity card, passport or NIE.
  • If the student is abroad and the letter of attorney is issued by a foreign notary, the following must be taken into account:
    • If the student is in a country that has signed the Hague Convention, the letter of attorney must be accompanied by an apostille. For further information, consult the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.
    • If the student is in a country that has not signed the Hague Convention, the letter of attorney must bear the stamp of the Spanish consulate in that country. For further information, consult the website of the Spanish Foreign Ministry.
  • If the student resides in another locality in Spain, he/she may request that the certificate be sent to the office of the Central Government in that locality.
  • If the student resides in another country, he/she may request for the certificate to be transferred to a Spanish consular office or embassy. To speed up this process, when submitting their applications students should present an official transfer request in which they indicate the entity, city and address where the certificate is to be transferred. There is a charge for this procedure.
  • A specific stamp must be included in the official degree certificate.