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Issuance of the provisional degree certificate


The exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 health alert makes it necessary for the URV to take certain measures that alter its normal operation.

For this reason all applications for administrative procedures must be submitted via the following links: "Intranet Lynx Procedures" or "Electronic Registry of the URV".

Where possible, we will attend to your request by email or by telephone; however, if you need to speak to us in person, you can ask for an appointment via the website of your Campus Secretariat.

  • Item: This is the procedure that enables students to request the issuance of a provisional degree certificate as soon as they have paid the fees for the issuance of the official degree certificate. The provisional degree certificate has the same value as the official degree certificate and is valid until the official degree certificate is issued.
  • This provisional certificate is essential when legalizing any document relating to the qualification because the receipt for the official degree certificate cannot be legalized.

Application procedure


The interested party.


At any time, provided that:

  • The student has paid the fees for the issuance of the official degree certificate and the European Supplement.


Preferably via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet.


The student must present the following documentation:

  1. Application addressed to the dean/director of the faculty/school
  2. Current DNI or NIE (photocopy), passport or national identity document in the case of EU citizens (original and photocopy or attested photocopy).
  3. The receipt for the payment of the fee for the issuance of the degree certificate and the European Supplement


Without cost.


Students who cannot make their application online can present it at the electronic registry using the accepted methods of identification.

Students who cannot make the application online may present it in person at the auxiliary registry of the Campus Secretariat/Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where they have carried out their studies.


Resolution of the application


Once the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has assigned the certificate a national qualifications, register number, the Campus Secretariat for Academic Management/Secretary's Office where the application has been presented will issue the certificate and it will be duly signed.


Obtaining the provisional degree certificate


Once the student has submitted the application and the secretary has checked their details.


Via their URV and/or personal email address.