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OFFICIAL ACCREDITATION OF THE PROGRAMMES OF SUBJECTS: Transfer of academic transcript/recognition of credits

  • ITEM: Application form to obtain the programmes of subjects that have been passed at the URV (Course Guide) so that they can be officially accredited by means of the following procedures: transfer of academic transcript / recognition of credits.

Application procedure


  • Students who have requested the transfer of their academic transcript or who have started studies at another university and want to request the recognition of subjects that they have already studied.

The request can be made by the interested party or by an authorized third party on presentation of identification.


At the Secretary's Office of the Faculty/School where they are carrying out their studies.

The application can also be submitted via the online administrative procedures on the URV's intranet or the URV online registry.


Any time after being required to do so by the host university.


The student must present the following documentation:

If the course guides are to be submitted to a:

  • Catalan university and are available on the Internet, the Secretary's Office will stamp them and return them to the student. Wherever possible, the stamps of the URV will already be included and the student will be able to obtain the programmes directly. (If they are not available on the internet, the Secretary's Office will pass the request onto the Office of the Dean/Management).

  • In A Spanish-speaking university, the secretary will pass the application onto the Office of the Dean/Management, who will translate the programmes into Spanish.


As far as is possible, the programmes will correspond to the Course Guide that is published on the website of each faculty/school.

Students may use the deadline established by the host university to try and change the period in which they are to receive the translation.



Resolution of the application


The Office of the Dean or Director of the Faculty/School.


The translation may take up to two months (not including August) from the moment in which the student presents the programmes for this purpose.
Every effort will be made to reduce this period.


The programmes will be stamped before they are given to the student.

 If there are any differences between translations, the Catalan version prevails.