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Research support programs

One of the objectives set by the Chair is the promotion and support of research. This is where the scholarships for the completion of doctoral theses with a Castells theme are born, and the agreement to call together with the Centre de Prospectiva i Anàlisi dels Castells (CEPAC) the Research Grant, which has already reached its third edition. In addition, we have a tutoring program for high school research papers focusing on castells.

Research support projects

PhD scholarships

The Càtedra URV per a l’Estudi del Fet Casteller awards scholarships to doctoral students whose thesis deals with topics related to the Castells.

There are currently two scholarships in progress:

  • Arnau Montoya Salvadó

Doctorat d'Arqueologia Clàssica
Title: Estudi del paisatge cultural de les places castelleres (Study of the cultural landscape of the Castells squares)
Director: Dr. Albert Samper Sosa

  • Josep Maria Cortés Artiga

Doctorat en Dret
Title: El règim jurídic del patrimoni immaterial. L'excepcionalitat del fet casteller a Catalunya i la seva projecció en els diversos àmbits del dret que hi concorren (The legal regime of intangible heritage. The exceptional nature of the Castellers case in Catalonia and its projection in the various areas of law that are involved)
Director: Dr. Josep Ramon Fuentes Gasó


"CEPAC-Càtedra Grant" for research on the castells theme.

The Càtedra URV per a l’Estudi del Fet Casteller and the Centre de Prospectiva i Anàlisi dels Castells (CEPAC) signed an agreement in November 2023 whereby the Càtedra joined CEPAC as the convening entity of the Research Grant on Castells theme.

The scholarship is announced every two years.

Co-tutorització de treballs de recerca o de síntesi relacionats amb el Fet Casteller

La Càtedra URV per a l'estudi del fet casteller proposes to collaborate in the co-tutoring of research projects of 2nd year Baccalaureate students or of synthesis by CFGS students, related to any topic that has to do with Castells, either from the social, scientific, technological or health side, through:

  • The determination of topics by the TDR
  • Advice on how to propose a TDR chosen by the student
  • The assignment of spaces, materials, etc.
  • Co-tutoring during the development of the TDR

If you are interested, you can contact the Càtedra via this email address: catedra.fetcasteller@urv.cat

More information, here.