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Mateos Ferré, Xavier

Mateos Ferré, Xavier

Dr. Xavier Mateos is a senior researcher and Associate Professor at the URV University, Tarragona, Spain with 20 years of experience in materials' science and laser physics. Solid state lasers (thin-disk, microchip and waveguide lasers) and materials (laser crystals and ceramics, and multifunctional 2D materials) are his major fields of interest together with ultrashort laser pulses developed during his postdoctoral stay (2004-2006) at the Max Born Institute for Nonlinear Optics and Ultrafast spectroscopy, MBI in Berlin, Germany. Another postdoctoral stay (2015-2017) at MBI was as a MSCA Actions fellow of the EU-Comission for the development of a novel 2-μm thin-disk laser.
Dr. Mateos belongs to the FiCMA group leaded by Prof. F. Díaz. Dr. Mateos implemented a new line of research in his University related to compact solid-state lasers in the infrared in continuous-wave and pulsed operation with a high quality scientific output. The current line of research investigates three types of compact lasers with excellent results. As a result of his investigation, he has co-authored 253 scientific articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals being cited 4029 times which makes a h-index of 33.

Project: Development of a microfluidic device for microplastic concentration measurements in water

Reference: 2020MFP-COFUND-32



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