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Yaghoub Abdi

PhD Programme: Economics and Business

Research group: MARFINAN - Mercats i Anàlisi Financera 

Supervisors: Xavier Cámara-Turull & Xiaoni Li


Yaghoub Abdi did his bachelor degree in Business Economics from Lorestan University, Iran. Then, he proceed on the journey to fulfill his Master degree in Economic Sciences from University of Sistan and Baluchestan, also in Iran. His master thesis was about measuring competition in Iranian banking industry. This experience aided him in gaining invaluable knowledge in fields of firm performance, profitability and market structure within the context of banking industry. After the master, he worked for Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company until the time he applied for the MFP-COFUND grant.

Project: Financial performance of airline industry: How big is the difference between accounting and market value?

As an effort to provide a means for both academic and business agenda to make a step forward in studying and probably managing, the goal of this project is to develop a body of knowledge for better understanding of Airline Industry in terms of its financial performance from accounting-based and market-based approach. In so doing, a set of global data from acting airline companies will be used in our analysis. This preliminary work is carried out under the hypothesis, the subject has not been studied previously in this business.

Open Access publications

  • Abdi Y, Li X, Càmara-Turull X. Impact of Sustainability on Firm Value and Financial Performance in the Air Transport Industry. Sustainability. 2020; 12(23): 9957. View full-text.
  • Abdi Y, Li X, Càmara-Turull X. Exploring the impact of sustainability (ESG) disclosure on firm value and financial performance (FP) in airline industry: the moderating role of size and age. Environment, Development and Sustainability. 2021. View full-text.
  • Abdi Y, Li X, Càmara-Turull X. How financial performance influences investmentin sustainable development initiatives in the airlineindustry: The moderation role of state-ownership. Sustainable Development. 2022;1-16. View full-text.  

Outreach activities

  • European Researchers’ Night 2020: “Queuing: wait and despair!”.