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Tahereh Maghsoudi

PhD Programme: Economics and Business

Research group: ASO – Anàlisi Social i Organitzativa

Supervisors: Rosalia Cascón Pereira & Ana Beatriz Hernández Lara


Tahereh Maghsoudi did her bachelor in Computer Engendering (Software Engineering) at IAU in Iran. Then she promoted to obtain master in Business administration (MBA) at Semnan State University, Iran. Her master thesis was about the importance of social capital and psychological resilience in reducing job burnout in harsh working condition (Oil and Gas industry). Now, she is doctorate researcher at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. She is specialized in human resources management, organizational behavior, well-being, and psychological capital. She is working on collaborative healthcare in the Spanish context. She is part of the research group Business and Management of the URV, and she is teaching the subject Human Resources Management.

Project: Collaborative Healthcare Management

The purpose of her PhD thesis is to respond the following research questions:

  • How are the composition, structure and functions of collaborative healthcare in the Spanish hospital context?
  • How are the different actors of collaborative healthcare system in the Spanish hospital context?
  • What are the indicators of collaborative healthcare system in the Spanish hospital context?
  • What is the impact of collaborative healthcare system on performance and effectiveness indicators?
  • How collaborative healthcare system contributes to quality of services as well as economic results?

The expected contribution would be to construct a database of the Spanish healthcare system to provide transparency to the effectiveness and quality of the healthcare system in the Spanish context.

Open Access publications

  • Maghsoudi,T., Cascón-Pereira, R., Beatriz Hernández Lara, A. (2020), The Role of Collaborative Healthcare in Improving Social Sustainability: A Conceptual Framework, Sustainability, 12(8),3195. View full-text.

Outreach activities

  • European Researchers’ Night 2020: “Chemistry to understand coronavirus”.

International secondment

  • York University, UK. 3 months (2021).