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CTQ - Chemistry Technology Centre

The Chemistry Technology Centre (CTQ) is a non-profit making private foundation that was created in 2008 with the purpose of making an effective contribution to improving the competitiveness of chemical companies and becoming a sustainable chemistry centre with an international reputation. It is a member of the ACC1Ó Network of Technology Centres and is governed by a board consisting of chemical companies, research institutes, Rovira i Virgili University and ACC1Ó.

The aim of the CTQ is to improve the sustainability, the competitiveness, the innovation and technological progress of the companies in the chemical sector of Catalonia in a local environment by providing services, carrying out RDI projects, and creating, adapting and transferring innovative technologies in a framework of collaboration with other agents.

The centre provides its users and clients with the know-how they need to satisfy their technological needs. For this reason some priority RDI lines have been defined so that the services provided are based on excellence. These priority lines are: environmental impact and sustainability, industrial biotechnology, industrial nanotechnology, biofuels, polymer and materials technology, the engineering and technology of production processes (reaction and design, and modeling, simulation and control), catalysts and catalytic processes, and industrial safety.

The CTQ is currently undergoing a phase of growth in both human and material resources. It is soon to occupy a building with a total floor area of 4,000m2 with laboratories that specialize in several of the technologies that have been defined as priority by board of governors. It is staffed largely by highly qualified engineers, graduates and doctors.

The CTQ has also entered into collaborations with other institutions that specialize in RDI so that its clients can be provided with a wide range of technological solutions. It also provides assistance with RDI project management, scientific and technological consultancy, tailor-made training courses, coordination and preparation of RDI projects with public administration, and premises for hosting events.

Web: http://www.ctqc.org

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