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What is Service Learning? 

It is an activity that links community service to the learning of content, competencies, skills and values through reflexive practice.

Here you can find the institutional video about Service Learning.

Listen what the students think about in that video.

What benefits gives me the Service Learning as a student?

  • Reinforces the link between the students and their university (sense of belonging).
  • Encourages you to engage in active commitment in your community.
  • Is an effective and assessable component of the URV's core curriculum and, in particular, encourages a commitment to ethics and social responsibility as citizens and professionals.
  • Is an pportunity to improve your sensitivity to diversity and multiculturality.
  • Is an effective and assessable way of working on the general and specific competencies of the course of study.
  • Motivates you to learn.
  • Reinforces the relationship with lecturers and encourages effective learning processes.

How can I participate?

In the context of the subjects 

According to the definition and elements of the Service Learning, it must always be academic so implies a relationship with the subjects of the degree:


You can suggest us social organizations that you think might be interested in collaborating with the Service Learning Program, or you can make proposals for service learning in subjects such as Placement, Final Project, Final Master or PhD.


If you have already participated in a service learning experience, help us to spread it among your friends, acquaintances and classmates!

What recognition will I have?

Recognition of credits is the same subject that has been done Service Learning experience. Furthermore, if you have passed the course, the University will issue a certificate so that you can prove that you have participated in the Service Learning Program of the URV.

In order to receive this certificate must answer the online satisfaction survey. Once done, you will receive a confirmatory email when you pick up your certificate of participation. The certificate can be collected at the point of Customer Care (PAU), which is located in the CRAI where you make the teaching of the subject. At the link below you can check the location and times of PAU: /en/campus-life/services/crai/que-es-el-crai/punt-atencio-usuari/