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Service Learning Experiences in Degree in Computer Engineering

Bachelor's thesis - Analysis and design of an information system

  • Coordination: Maria Ferré Bergadà (maria.ferre(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Organisation: Fundació Antoni Cambrodí (Antoni Cambrodí Foundation)
  • Summary: Carried out during the 2014-2015 academic year, this project analysed and designed the information system for the Antoni Cambrodí Foundation, including revamping their website. Using the explanation and advice of the Foundation's managers as a basis, the student analysed the information system in place, including the website, to adapt it to the new needs of the organisation.

Bachelor's thesis - Mobile application for the Tarragona Blood Bank

  • Coordination: Montse García Famoso (montse.garcia(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat)
  • Organisation: Banc de Sang i Teixits (BTS) de Tarragona (Tarragona Blood and Tissue Bank - BTS)
  • Summary: 
  • Carried out during the 2013-2014 academic year, the goal of the collaboration was to develop a mobile application that:
    - gives information about donation centres (mobile and nonmobile) and campaigns, and
    - increases the number of donations.
    Students defined, designed and implemented a multi-platform mobile application that allows users to access services offered through the corporate website and other extra services.
  • You can listen to the experience on Tarragona Ràdio.