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Community Organizations

What is Service Learning?

It is an activity that links community service to the learning of content, competencies, skills and values through reflexive practice.

Here you can find the institutional video about Service Learning.

Listen what the students think about in that video.

What benefits gives me the Service Learning as a community organization?

  • Gives support to groups and institutions that are underprivileged or without resources.
  • Improves the environment, enriching and innovating programmes and services within the community.
  • Makes possible close collaboration between students, community and professionals.
  • Is an opportunity to train a generation of citizens and professionals with a strong social commitment.
  • Identifies the URV as the community's university.

Who can be the community organization?

The community organization of this service can be any group, organization, association, NGO or public institution provided they meet the following requirements:

  • Individuals or groups in vulnerable situations or at social risk to form part.
  • They also can be entities or institutions, the purpose of which is the achievement of general interest or community.
  • The activity that develops students should be non-profit.
  • The activity that develops students shouldn’t be capable of generating unfair competition in the professional sector. To ensure this, it’s essential that the recipient of the service takes into account the student develops a learning activity as part of their university education, which they may make mistakes and that the final product satisfactory. The URV must ensure the quality of service but in any case the APS is committed to providing a professional service.

It is also recommended that:

  • Whenever possible, the products deriving from it are made available to the public free of charge.