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Digital services offered by the URV

As a student at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili can enjoy the services that the University has to offer you, once you have registered. Here we inform you about the main services.

Generally, when you registration for the first time at the university, within 24 hours you will have access to all the URV's digital services (intranet, email, Virtual Campus, electronic magazines, wireless network, etc.), provided that you have accepted URV's Regulations on the use of information and communication technologies (TIC).


To use any of the digital services you need to access the intranet. To do so, you must follow these steps:

   go to:  → | Shortcuts |  Intranet

Each student will receive a unique username and password, in the following formats: 

Access new students

Your username is your NIF/NIE/Passport number
Example: 11111111-A
Your password is your date of birth written in the format DD-MMM-YY.
Example: 02-MAI-78.
The month is the first three letters of the month in Catalan: January (GEN), February (FEB), March (MAR), April (ABR), May (MAI), June (JUN), July (JUL), August (AGO), September (SET), October (OCT), November (NOV) and December (DES). Do not forget to place hyphens between the day, the month and the year.

Access students already registered in previous years

The Username and the Password are the same as the ones you use to access the URV's Digital Services (Intranet, E-mail, Online Campus, Electronic Journals, etc...).

Change Password

Once you have entered in the intranet, you can change the password using the link provided in the "Llista de preferits" (Favourites) or by clicking on "Eines" (Tools)- "Canvi de clau d'accés" (Change password).

If you cannot remember your password, you can restore it by clicking on the link on the intranet login screen.


Communications between the URV administration and students will, wherever possible, be via the institutional email address assigned to the student.

You will also receive all institutional information via your institutional email address.

You can access your email at https://virtual.urv.cat or at '"Shortcuts" ' "Email".

On the intranet there is also a direct link to "Favourites" and, on the "Eines" (Tools) tab, section Office 365 you will find manuals for setting your email up on different devices (PC, mobile, tablet...) and a frequently asked questions section.

The tray size is according to user profile.


The URV's Virtual Campus (Moodle) is an online platform providing teaching and learning support in all modes: face-to-face, blended and virtual.


You can access the Virtual Campus at www.urv.cat/campusvirtual or from the URV's website '"Shortcuts" ' "Campus Virtual". You will need to enter the same username and password that you use for the URV's digital services.

Mobile app

With the Moodle app for mobile phones, you can always have up-to-date info about the subjects you are taking. Every time you open the app, it syncs with the virtual campus.

You can also download the official Moodle app for Android, Apple or Windows Mobile from Google Play, the App Store or the Microsoft Store respectively. You have to configure the app with the following server: campusvirtual.urv.cat. Information about Moodle app at https://docs.campusvirtual.urv.cat/wiki/App_Moodle

 Virtual classroom

Once you have entered, you will see links to the virtual classroom for each of the subjects that you have registered for and links to any other spaces that you can belong to, such as the academic tuition space where you can contact and work with your tutor, or spaces where you can engage in general communication about your study programme, for example.

In the virtual classroom for each subject, the teacher will provide various resources (links, documents, etc.), activities (tests to be carried out online, tasks for handing in pieces of work, etc.) and communications tools (noticeboard, forum for asking questions, etc.).

Some Moodle spaces may appear as "hidden from students" when you try to acces them. The virtuals classrooms are initially hidden from students and each teacher will open them up when they consider it appropriate.

 Changes to personal information

During the academic year, any changes to your personal and registration information will appear on the platform during the 48 hours after the change has been made.

 Virtual Campus Notifications

Your email address in the Virtual Campus is the same as your URV email address and may not be changed for a different one. The best way to stay up-to-date on new subjects is through the "push" notification service of the Moodle app.

Notifications are customizable: from your user profile in Virtual Campus you can indicate whether you want to receive notifications of messages on the bulletin board and news, of internal messaging between users or of delivered and/or graded activities.

You can also activate or deactivate receiving these notifications to the University's email address or to the official URV App.

The e-mail address listed in your user profile on the Virtual Campus is the institutional URV and you cannot change it to another address. Therefore, all the information and notifications that teachers and other agents deliver to you from the Virtual Campus will reach you in this mailbox, we recommend that you consult it regularly.

 Presentation video

At the home page of the Virtual Campus, before you enter your username and password, you can watch a short video on how the platform works. We recommended that you watch this video.

 Incidents and queries

You must ask your teachers any questions you may have about the subject either in person, through the forum in the virtual classroom or by any other means that they propose.

You can send any query or incident relating to the use of the URV Customer Service (cau@urv.cat)


With this information you can check different states of your transcript.

To enter you must follow this path:

  1. Access the intranet
  2. Virtual Secretariat

Consult your academic transcript 
You can find out your academic progress in relation to your course, including the grades you have been awarded.

Consult your financial record 
This allows you to consult your registration fee payments, your entitlement (if any) to exemption from registration fees and the status of any general grants that you may have been awarded.

My payments
This allows you to print off the receipt for your registration fees and to manage and pay your fees, including by bank card.

Consult your personal details
Here you can check your personal details in your record and, if you find any errors, notify the campus secretariat using the procedure "Change personal details on record".

Check time and date of registration 
You can check what time and date have been assigned to you to complete your registration.

Check if you meet the conditions to be able to request your degree certificate 
If you meet the conditions to be able to request your degree certificate, you can do so once you have checked that your details are correct. If you do not meet the conditions, we will tell you why.

Check the status of your request for your degree certificate 
You can find out the status of your request for the issuance of your degree certificate.


On this website you find more information about the university card.


All procedures, deadlines and application forms that will be relevant to you during your time at the URV are published on the URV's website. Each webpage describes the procedure and the system for submitting the relevant application form.

In the Intranet, when you access the section "Estudiar" (Study) - "Secretaria Virtual" (Virtual Secretariat) you can also acesss the:

  • Tràmits administratius (administrative procedures), where you will find all the procedures.
  • Tràmits en línia (online procedures), which allows you to manage some procedures online and register your applications online.

Resolutions are published via electronic notification.