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Vice-Rector for Research

Marina Galià Clua

The Vice-Rectorate for Research manages the URV's strategic research plan, research programmes, support for research, scientific and technical services and research infrastructure. It also coordinates the relationship between the University's own research centres and those of CERCA, the Institute of Research Centres of Catalonia.

Currículum Vitae

I was born in Tortosa in 1964 and grew up in Corbera d'Ebre. I began my academic career at the Faculty of Chemistry in Tarragona, where in 1987 I graduated in Chemical Sciences before defending my doctoral thesis in 1992. I conducted a postdoctoral stay at Cornell University (United States) in 1993 before becoming an instructor at the University of Barcelona in 1989. At the URV I became a temporary senior lecturer in 1992 and a senior lecturer in 1995. Since 2010 I have been a full professor of Organic Chemistry.

My research interests focus on polymers, in which field I have published over 150 articles in indexed international journals (h = 46). I have also registered several patents, one of which is currently in operation. I have supervised 15 doctoral theses and participated as the principal researcher in competitive research projects funded by public institutions and in agreements and contracts entered into with numerous companies.

I currently coordinate the Sustainable Polymers consolidated research group, whose main objective is to obtain recyclable or reusable polymeric materials from renewable materials such as vegetable oils and forestry residues while employing environmentally non-aggressive processes.

I have taught core and optional bachelor's degree and master's degree subjects in the Faculty of Chemistry, the Faculty of Oenology and the School of Chemical Engineering and participated in several teaching-innovation projects. My management responsibilities have included being Coordinator of Internships for the Faculty of Chemistry (2000-03), Secretary of the Faculty of Chemistry (1993-98), Secretary of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry (2003-07 and 2014-17), and Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry (2007-11).