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Vice-Rector for Doctoral Studies and the CRAIs

Carmen Gómez Buendia

The Vice-Rectorate for Doctoral Studies and the CRAIs coordinates the URV's doctoral programmes in accordance with the URV's strategic research plan and promotes the policies aimed at supporting learning, teaching, research and the transfer of knowledge to society that are formulated by the Learning and Research Resource Centre (CRAI).

Currículum Vitae

Born in Tarragona in 1982, in 2004 I graduated in Law from the URV, where I have been a pre-doctoral researcher, an instructor, an assistant lecturer, a temporary senior lecturer and, since 2019, a senior lecturer in Roman Law in the Department of Private, Procedural and Financial Law.

I have conducted my teaching activities on several Law courses at the bachelor's, licentiate and master's levels. I have also taught courses in History of Art and courses on the Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology in subjects relating to the protection of cultural heritage and Roman legal institutions. I have been a member of the Teaching-Innovation Group of the URV's Department of Legal Sciences since joining the University and have participated in most committees aimed at improving the quality of teaching in that Department.

I have coordinated the Master's Degree in Corporate and Contract Law (2015-2022), which was awarded the seal of excellence in 2021. I have also been a member of the Doctoral Committee for the Doctoral Programme in Law, the Quality Committee of the Department of Legal Sciences, and the CRAI Users' Committee.

My lines of research have focused on the Roman civil process and analysis of the fundamentals and evolution of legal-private institutions in the European legal tradition. I have conducted international pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research stays at the Università di Pavia (2006), the Leopold-Wenger-Institut für Rechtsgeschichte in Munich (2007, 2008 and 2009), the University of Oxford (2015), and the Università Federico II in Naples (2016). I have been involved in eleven funded research projects, including the two most recent Spanish National Plan projects, for which I was the principal researcher. I have published articles in prestigious journals and other resources and my research work has been positively valued by AQU (Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency). I have been a member of the Housing Research Group since 2017 and of the Société Internationale Fernand de Visscher pour l'Histoire des Droits de l'Antiquité since 2007.