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Commissioner for Process Optimization

Sílvia De la Flor López

The Office of the Commissioner for Process Optimization aims to promote the optimal and agile management of processes at the service of the URV community by prioritizing the simplification and rationalization of those processes to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness. It operates in coordination with the Office of the General Manager and the office responsible for managing organization and processes.

Currículum Vitae

I was born in Madrid in 1970. An engineer by vocation, I studied Industrial Engineering, specializing in mechanics, at the UPC, where I also completed my PhD in Industrial Engineering.

In 1994 I joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the URV, where I am a senior lecturer in structural mechanics. My teaching is conducted on the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering.

I am greatly interested in developing innovative teaching methods and promoting gender equality for educational purposes, especially in the field of engineering. I enjoy transmitting my passion for engineering to young people, especially women, a commitment that has led me to take part in a dozen teaching-innovation projects, publish indexed articles, and participate in international conferences in this field. In 2005 I received the Vicens Vives award for quality university teaching.

I am a member of the Functional and Smart Materials (FUNCMAT) research group. My work focuses on the characterization, optimization and modelling of intelligent or functional materials, on which I have published over 75 indexed articles and co-directed five doctoral theses. I have also been the principal researcher on several projects conducted under the framework of the Spanish National Plan.

My desire to collaborate actively in management processes at the URV has led me to hold several management positions since 1998. For example, I have been Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering since 2019, where earlier I had also been Secretary (2004-19). I have also been Secretary of the Faculty of Oenology (1998-2001).

As an elected board member of the Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia in Tarragona, I am also closely involved in the relationship between business and the University, which I believe is fundamental for preparing our students and helping them to find their professional futures.