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Commissioner for Language Policy and Publications

José Antonio Moreno Villanueva

The Office of the Commissioner for Language Policy and Publications aims to promote a transversal linguistic policy that involves the whole university community. Its actions focus on fostering the normal and effective use of Catalan as the language of the University, promoting training and accreditation in third languages, and enhancing the trademark of URV Publications. It coordinates the drafting and monitoring of the URV's Language Policy Plan and its Plan for the Promotion of Third Languages. It chairs the Language Policy Committee and works closely with the Language and Publications Service to respond to the language needs of students, administrative and services staff, and teaching and research staff.

Currículum Vitae

Born in Vilanova i la Geltrú in 1970. I have been a Serra Húnter assistant lecturer in the Department of Romance Studies since 2019. I hold a Degree in Hispanic Philology from the URV (1993), a Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Editing Studies from Oxford Brookes University (2002), and a PhD in Lexicon and Dictionaries (with an extraordinary doctorate award) from the URV (2013). I have been an adjunct lecturer at the URV (2006-2019), an academic collaborator at ESADE-Ramon Llull University (2006-12) and a language professional for the URV's Language Service (2009-2019). I have also been an editorial coordinator for Valatenea, S.L. (1998-2007).

I have taught several subjects on the Bachelor's Degrees in Hispanic Language and Literature, Catalan Language and Literature, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, and Advertising and Public Relations. I have also taught on the Master's Degrees in the Teaching of Foreign Languages (Spanish as a Foreign Language) and Advanced Research in Humanistic Studies. Since 2016 I have been the Academic Director of the URV's Postgraduate Diploma in Proofreading, Editing and Language Consultancy in Spanish. I am the director of several doctoral theses for the PhD in Humanistic Studies.

I am a member of the research groups Lexicography and Language Teaching (LEXELE, URV) and Neolcyt (UAB) and have participated in a dozen funded projects, including the Diccionario histórico del español moderno de la ciencia y de la técnica, the Diccionario de español para aprendices sinohablantes, and the Léxico especializado en el español contemporáneo: 1884-1936. Since 2021 I have been a member of the URV research group that forms part of the pan-Hispanic network of collaborating teams that produced the Historic Dictionary of the Spanish Language (Diccionario Histórico de la Lengua Española, DHLE) for the Spanish Royal Academy. I have also participated in several teaching-innovation projects aimed at improving students' oral and written competences.

I am the author of over 50 publications including articles in indexed journals, books and book chapters. My research focuses on the history of scientific and technical lexicon and the study of technical dictionaries of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from a European perspective. I have also recently taken an interest in the lexicography of learning and the lexicographic tools used by translators and editors. I am assistant editor of the Revista Internacional de Lenguas Extranjeras (International Journal of Foreign Languages).